The Birth of a Purse

I’m a working woman and I designed this purse for all of us working women--whether you work outside or inside the home.
All good things come from God, and Split PURSEnality is no exception. I was “complaining” to God about my heavy sack-like purse. I have my e-reader, business cards and a calendar with me for work, but when I go shopping or out to lunch, I dislike carrying the extra weight of these items that I don’t need all the time.
Before I could finish complaining, the Lord dropped the name Split PURSEnality into my heart and the ideas began to form.
Another thing we working women don’t have time for is changing our purses to go with our outfits or moods. Voila—the color strip solves that problem. You can dress up your purse with bling, be plain and simple, or have fun and be whimsical. Suit your mood of the day!
Whether you need an organizer or an iPad holder, we’ve got you covered. Your Split PURSEnality comes with both. And if you don’t need either accessory, there is PURSEnality so you can still enjoy the uniqueness of the color strips.
Discover the purse that customers have called “the purse that keeps my life organized!”  I know you’ll enjoy the flexibility of this purse that will make your day easier.

Features of the Purse

The main purse has room for all of your personal items including a large zippered pocket, a cell phone pocket, pen holder, key holder and 2 additional inside pockets.  The outside also has 2 pockets for those who like to have their cell phones easily accessible.  The fabric is a durable faux leather that may be cleaned with a damp cloth.  The purse has interchangeable color strips to match your outfits or your moods.

Here is a picture showing how the accessory attaches to the Split PURSEnality purse by placing the bayonets of the iPad holder or organizer into the sleeves of the purse.


 PURSEnality purse has all of the same features in the main body, but there are no sleeves on the outside to attach any accessory.

This is a short video showing how to remove and insert the Color Strips using the included Color Strip tool.


Here is a video showing how to adapt the iPad holder to accept the iPad Air using the included foam spacers: